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Posted on on November 5th, 2007
by Pincas Jawetz (

The following are some of the winning drawings and we are amazed of how much can be read into them in an effort to understand the educational environments in the home countries of these children….

The Global Winner is an 11 year old girl from the UK with a politically sophisticated entree. She sees the pollution as a result of governments and global business backing fossil fuels and ending up with an upturned umbrella instead of the protection they purported to provide.


On the other hand, the winner for the North American Region just portrays the total information she gets from the media. She has though expressed her preference for change.


The 11 year old girl from China seems to show us that ideal situation will come about when every other part of the world does its due in using alternate energy methods – like biomass, solar, wind,


The 12 year old boy from Burundi Sees the problems in his immediate area as being caused by rain or lack of rain – in both cases there is famine because there are no trees and even if there is rain it runs off and harms plantings – the result is hunger. The ideal situation requires land-cover in order to have a green environment and food


The girl from Bahrain knows about toxic gases that come from the refinery in her neighborhood, but seemingly nobody told her that the CO2 should also have a place in her listing of bad gases – this because of climate change.
Ergo – the education in Bahrain, an oil refining island=state – just does not explain how global warming/climate change came about. Now remember please – that was the topic of this competition.


Is it not amazing?

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