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Posted on on November 5th, 2007
by Pincas Jawetz (

There are buds   of change in Washington.   For a start the Thatcher – Reagan Alignment of the English speaking people is slowly   being replaced with a new found love of France.

Sarkozy’s first overseas trip was to the Bush home in Main and since then he clearly buries the Gaullist hatchet. He will not replace the UK in Iraq, but short of that he will realign with the US indeed.
This will be specially important in the dealings with Turkey and with some of the less friendly-to-the-US states of Europe..

The larger US Middle East policy stretches from London to Calcutta (or should we say Kolcatta). On the one end there will thus be a replacement of the UK with France, and on the other end of Pakistan with India.

On Iraq, the day is not far that the US and its new European friends might find that the Kurds are the most promising element in the larger Iraq area. It is also possible that in the end, some adjustments with the Shiia elements in the region, on the expense of the Saudis – who are not loyal friends anyway – will lead to astonishing new alliances. Iran could be neutralized if the Saudis pay the price, and Pakistan will be recognized as the real sick element that with Saudi and American help, was at the bottom of most of the upheaval since the Cold War fighting caused by Soviet efforts to expand into the oil rich and south ports region to their south.

The attached collage from today’s NY Sun makes some of the above points – OK, the paper will not touch the subject of oil – but we all know that oil is the grease in which US interest in that region was planted.

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