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Posted on on August 17th, 2007
by Pincas Jawetz (


UN Tampers With Official Records to Cover Up Missed Deadline


Photo evidence reveals that President Luis Alfonso de Alba’s announcement occurred past—and not before—the legal midnight deadline. Official UN records were tampered to read “11:55 pm.”   (UN Photo.)

We reported here in June about how people close to the UN Human Rights Council were covering up the fact that president Luis Alfonso de Alba missed the legal deadline—June 18, 2007—for concluding the mandated one year of negotiations on his proposed reform package.   This is but a mini-scandal compared to the grand scandal of the non-adoption of the reform package itself, but is nonetheless important.   The significance of the deadline, in both legal and political terms, lies in such pesky little facts as that, past midnight, (a) Ambassador de Alba was no longer the president, (b) the membership changed, and (c) the GA mandate for the council to adopt the package expired. Who had what power to present anything to what members are just some of the questions arising from the missed deadline.   Hence the motivation for the cover-up.

Now the murky business of covering up has led to UN officials tampering with official records, in an attempt to rewrite the actual time and date of President de Alba’s announcement.

In a recently published summary of these events, in document A/HRC/5/SR.9/Add.1, the UN changes the time and date records, to have them read that “The meeting resumed at 11:55 p.m.”, and then that “The meeting rose at midnight.”

As described in our earlier posting—and as the above photo shows—this is false.   The meeting both resumed and rose after the midnight deadline.   Therefore, the UN records now falsely present President de Alba’s announcement as occurring on June 18, 2007, when in truth it was already the morning of June 19, 2007.   (Document A/HRC/5/SR.9/Add.1 is entitled “Summary Record of the 2nd Part of the 9th Meeting, Held at the Palais Des Nations, Geneva, on Monday, 18 June 2007: Human Rights Council, 5th Session.”   In truth it should read “19 June.”)

When any authority starts to change the times and dates of history, people need to take notice.

During the 1917 revolution, Stalin had stayed in the offices of Pravda rather than join the storming of the Winter Palace. Later, however, he simply had Soviet history rewritten in favor of a more laudatory version of his activities. Similarly, the Soviet Union rewrote its history to make unpersons, for example, of Trotsky and Lavrenty Beria. Tampering with history was routine in the Soviet Union—as it is in all totalitarian societies.

What kind of a world is augured by such tactics was understood best by George Orwell.   In his book 1984, the rulers of Oceania regularly rewrote history and created unpersons.   As the slogan of Big Brother’s party explained: ”Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

What kind of human rights protection, or respect for rule of law, is augured by a body built on such a foundation?   What kind of a world is augured by an organization ruled by such tactics and such an approach?

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