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Posted on on July 1st, 2007
by Pincas Jawetz (

I was home nursing a virus I caught on the Flight home from Lima Peru. Internationally it was supposed to be an exciting weekend. In the UK, it was going to be a time of the changing of the guard. Good man Tony Blair who got tripped by his insistence on lining up with the US, was leaving 10 Downing Street and Michael Gordon was moving over from the British Treasury where his performance was all praise. A new man with a reasonably new broom was seen to have a chance of reorganizing UK’s international relationships, while Tony Blair, as the newly appointed Chair of the Quartet’s handling of the Middle East, was seen as having gotten a post to vindicate himself by showing independence without having to jeopardize the UK. To top all of this, youngsters William and Harry of the Royal House found it appropriate to have a celebration of life in memory of their mother – Princess Diana. Mat Lauer of Channel 4 was in London to interview the Royal Princess and to report about the star-studded concert.

Not to be left out-done, Larry King, on CNN had planned a reunion of the Beetles – that is the surviving two and the widows of the other two. There was promise on the air that Britannia will rule again!
But not everyone wished the best for the UK.

Saturday night two vehicles filled with tanks of fuel and material for shrapnel were found in Central London, then the following day another vehicle rammed a terminal at the Glasgow airport – to say this mildly – they stole the show.

Christiane Ananpour was seen on CNN running alongside a bearded lawyer in London asking him if he believes in Democracy – he answered with a flat – “NO! – that is if it interferers with Sharia law.” She wanted to know the obvious – why does he live in the UK if it is not to his liking. What keeps him there? We want to know further – why in the hell do they keep him there? If the need is for Islamic oil – why let also their rebel-rousers run freely in London and Scotland? Or you stop buying and using the oil, or you let in only the oil merchants on temporary business permits. Why not make them sign that they are under the obligation to submit to the law of the land – better laws in their mind – go back to where you or your parents came from.

Now, with this sort of thoughts in the mind of every sane person, I really would not have taken the time to write this article. The reason I nevertheless am sitting in front of the computer, is that two coincidental TV programs just happened to attract my attention that day – and gave me insights and a connectivity that astonished me with the conclusions I reached.

The first program was in the morning – you know – one of those inspirational religious preachings. It was Joel Osteem of on Channel 4. He was talking about people rising out of poverty. He came from humble beginnings but his father already refused to lie down just because all around him lived in poverty. He kept repeating that poverty is in our mind – “come, shine, for your time has come.” “You are not a grasshopper with wings that cannot fly – be an eagle that can fly. Become a better you.”

The second program, on C-Span 2 Book TV was about a meeting at no less then the World Bank in Washington DC. The astonishing conclusion was a relation between Culture and Poverty. In clear terms – NOT ALL CULTURES ARE EQUAL. So, relating to the previous program, we can say that some cultures make you soar, but other cultures make you crawl. Now, that is something to chew on! I have no intent to let lose from above concept – and really I do not care about false correctness – the like of the garbage being dished out at the UN under the mind boggling efforts at “Alliance of Cultures.”

Professor Lawrence Harrison teaches at Fletcher School of Law at Tufts University. He wrote about The Central Liberal Truth 2000. He lectures about the right to an adequate standard of living, he is not some sort of right winger – but comes though as a very rational thinker. He makes clear distinction between Confucianism, Protestantism and Judaism on the one hand, that promote thinking, democracy and education, and Catholicism, Islam, and Orthodox Christianity, on the other hand, that in all honesty – do not! Hinduism has done well in promoting democracy but not education. Buddhism did not show strength in development. Overall – Confucianism, was much more successful from among the Asian cultures as it had much stronger emphasis on education. In the west it was only Judaism and protestantism that did also well.

He gives Chile, Botswana, Singapore, Sweden as examples of success in development when elaborating on The Central Liberal Truth – this because development in those countries came without religious strings attached.

Talking of diasporas – it is the Chinese, Japanese, Jewish, and Greek diasporas that were successful – this because they allowed freedom of the individual and they were self-propelling communities.

The Chinese showed success in such wildly different environments as the US, Indonesia, Mauritius. Professor Harrison actually mentioned the fact that on that same day Christiane Amanpour had that discussion with the Islamic Lawyer on the street in London who said that he does not believe in Democracy if it interferes with Islamic law. So, the culprit seemed quite obvious to me.

Democracy will not take hold in Iraq he said. Very major errors were made by assuming that culture can be imposed and that institutions that work in one society can be imposed on another society! He quoted Alexis de Tocqueville who said you can have great national resources but no culture (in Tocqueville’s terminology it was “habits”) – you get nothing. Others also tried to copy the US Constitution and failed.

Harrison provided figures of enrollment at Caltec, Harvard, MIT in relation to numbers of Chinese students explaining that these are of a complicated background that includes Confucianism but also Taoism, Buddhism and Ancestral Worship. But what unites them with Judaism is that in all these cases there is a matrilineal line of promoting the culture.

Sure, there are more progressive streams in Islam. Turkey showed some results, Indonesia was pushed ahead by their Chinese community, Jordan does best among the Arab countries and takes up enlightened leadership, and he sees the possibility for Iran to take off. He reminded his World Bank/Brookings Institution audience that was brought together by “The Office of Diversity” at the World Bank, of the Arab Development Report, and said that if they would try to implement its recommendations it would become a boon to the Arab Society. As I remember – the key in this report was Education, Education, Education… and the writers did not mean the numbing of the mind by learning by heart the Quran and the Sharia laws.

Further, Central Europe, Nordic Countries, US, Canada, other British offsprings, and East Asians are Capitalist Democracies – not Theocracies! (at least we hope that he is right on this).

There was a question about the place of the media in all of this and how harmful it can be. Professor Harrison said that Mr. Schoenfeld, who was the first head of CNN is now on the Board of the New Cultural Institute at Fletcher, and he looks at the media and studies how destructive they can be. See

So why do I find so astounding the three different TV programs I quote here that have become such an obviously an eye opener to me? This is by thinking that the Islamic Killer-Doctors have long risen above poverty – so did the engineers of 9/11. What they were laking was not monetary resources, but plain acceptable human culture as required in order to truly succeed in a democratic capitalist society based on self promotion. Instead, they lived in some nether-world of dogma, manipulated by people that may have been less then honest in the choice of a modus operandi.

Harrison, based on Tocqueville, makes it clear that it is not natural resources, but culture, that pushes you to success. But, on the other hand, natural resources in the hands of wrong people could hold you back from achieving your self-fulfillment. This bringing me to the place of oil in all of this, as it is quite obvious that it is the money we gave them for their oil that was recycled into funding those imams and hate-mongers and keep their sick minds spinning. So we can only blame ourselves for the stupidity that feeds the subhumans. If we refuse to look at the world with open eyes, rather then act acccording to the reality as it is, we are not entitled to blame the perpetrators we helped by our own lack of resolve.


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