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Posted on on February 7th, 2007
by Pincas Jawetz (

Cheney’s banker attacks his policies, by Andrew Buncombe for The Independent of London – February 7, 2007.

The investment manager who looks after an estimated $5m ( £2.5m) of Vice-President Dick Cheney’s money has criticised America’s energy policy.

In an email to clients – presumably Mr Cheney among them – Jeremy Grantham rails against the country’s refusal to confront climate change.

“The US is the only country in which environmental data is steadily attacked in a well-funded campaign of disinformation,” writes Mr Grantham, whose comments were revealed by the website

Of George Bush’s call to replace 20 per cent of petrol with ethanol, Mr Grantham says: “US corn-based ethanol, as opposed to efficient, Brazilian sugar-based ethanol, is merely another US farmer-protection programme, made very expensive both directly and indirectly by inflating real agricultural prices.”

————————— would like to make further comment: It is interesting that Mr. Cheney invests his money via a London based brokerage house – this meaning presumably in British Currency. We think he knows something about US policies as part of the White House, and the impact of these policies on the value of the US dollar – and he knows the direction of the conversion rates as a function of the US deficit and ballooning debt this White House engineered. After robbing his people – now he invests in London – that is in our opinion the real news.

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