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Posted on on February 14th, 2007
by Pincas Jawetz (

The transatlantic relationship is not over, as has sometimes been suggested in recent years – but it has changed. There is still consensus in Europe and the US that the urgent global challenges confronting us today can only be met in a joint effort. The goal is to identify specific fields for strategic cooperation and formulate effective and coherent policy options towards them.

The Bertelsmann Stiftung aims to help in this process. As part of its long-standing project work on “Europe’s Global Responsibilities”, it has made a major effort to foster transatlantic ties. One of the measures taken is the annual “Brussels Forum” (an initiative launched jointly by the main organizer German Marshall Fund, Daimler-Chrysler, Monitor, Fortis and the Belgian government) which aims to bring together the best and the brightest from the spheres of politics, industry, and ideas on both sides of the Atlantic. In the run-up to this major event in late April 2007, we would like to outline the main opportunities for a common transatlantic agenda.

Our new paper series “Transatlantic Thinkers” provides a fresh perspective on these opportunities, touching upon topics such as energy security, climate change, civil liberties in an age of terror, non-proliferation and many others. These short papers are “mind-challenging” in the best possible sense – sharp, precise and provocative. Often, we will form “Transatlantic Doubles”, pairing up prominent voices from both sides of the Atlantic to collaborate on one issue.

Richard Morningstar, the former US Ambassador to the European Union and US Special Representative for the Caspian Region, has written the first piece in our series (attached to this e-mail). Morningstar focuses on the importance of the Caspian Region for a future EU energy policy. He chastises the European decision makers for having neglected the strategic importance of the region – and delivers pointed recommendations for re-evaluating European energy policy..

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