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Posted on on October 27th, 2004
by Pincas Jawetz (

Tel Aviv, Israel – October 27, 2004

I just happened to be in Tel Aviv at the time that the Knesset or Israeli Parliament, October 26, 2004, voted to separate Israel from the lands conquered in the 1967 war – a war that was imposed on Israel by its Arab neigbors. Sharon, now Prime Minister, was one of those, at that time, and since, that recommended settling these lands, and friends and associates of his did build some of the new settlements.

Mr., previously General, Sharon is a pragmatist who all his life practised the art of the possible, a mark of a veritable leader; now he is leading his government through the disengagement policy, to the dismantling of those same settlements. A true leader is able to change his policies when the previous line of thought was proven perhaps to be a wrong line. This quality, rather then plain stubborness, is perhaps to be valued as a most important quality required from a leader.

I am writing this because of the Wednesday, October 27, 2004 International Herald Tribune, Andrew C. Revkin from the New York Times, article: “Bush Faulted On Global Warming”.

Mr. Revkin writes: “A top NASA climate expert who twice briefed Vice President Dick Chenney on global warming planned to criticize the Administration’s approach to the issue in a lecture at the University of Iowa, on Tuesday night, and say that a senior official told him last year not to discuss dangerous consequences of rising temperatures.”

“The expert, James Hansen, director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in Maryland, was expected to say that the Bush Administration has ignored evidence that sea levels could rise significantly unless prompt action is taken to reduce heat-trapping emissions from smokestacks and tailpipes.” As I showed in the coverage of a series of recent Washington area meetings of organizations established by the oil industry, see, the industry is starting to understand the need to act on the subject of greenhouse gasses emissions and their effect on climate change, and how some oil companies are already switching to becomming energy companies by extending their business to profitable alternate energy businesses, however, it seems that the Administration has not gotten yet this message. As I wrote on the US meat industry being threatened by United States Department of Agriculture wrong policies on the subject of mads cow disease – see – so now seemingly, the US Vice President and US Department of Energy may be doing harm to the industry that they have taken on to be their charge. VP Chenney’s secret meeting with his energy friends and partners is just a case in point. While Prime Minister Sharon has just shown that he understood that the interest of the country may preclude him continuing backing his friends, Dr. Hansen makes it clear that the US Vice President has not moved to take such a stand, and rather prefers hiding truth when he thinks, obviosly mistaken, that this is a favor to his friends. Perhaps this is, by the way, just more then a bit of mis-leadership!

Furthermore, following the changes regarding CO2 emissions, that the European Union intends to introduce to European economy, via country legislation, starting January 2005, quite a bit of adjustment will be needed also by the incoming US President. Ideology will not do – pragmatism will be the rule of the day.

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